Monday, February 07, 2005

Things I thought would be easy/difficult to learn

I originally emailed this as part of the 1.4 What is Online Teaching and Learning?task:

Easy to learn:

- Finding my way around the actual software to be used for the delivery of the material; I have what you might call a natural affinity to (with?) all things softwary/technical

- The facilitation itself in the virtual environment - I know my way around a 'classroom' and have (I think) a pretty good handle on 'students' as en entity. I believe at this stage that there are similarities between the virtual and real classroom... time will tell :-)

Hard to learn:

- Discipline myself to give the commitment required -In a conventional classroom you have a 1 hr lecture and walk out until the next hour in you timetable... DL/OL facilitation comes across as being like acid under your finger nails (excuse the gory analogy!) you can wash and wash it stay there for a while... you can tell I am having problems coming to terms with what I have let myself into

- The jargon: VLE, MLE, BLOG... not that I believe it makes one's teaching/facilitation better but it seems to impress the crowds! and I suppose if you know what everyone is talking about you can take part and know what your options are.



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